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Pre-Orthodontic Guidance

In some cases, more than one phase of treatment is required to correct a functional bite problem. A preliminary phase, known as pre-orthodontic guidance, may be necessary prior to active treatment with braces.

Sometimes, minor tooth movement that can be accomplished without full braces and this phase is all that a patient may require.

Pre-orthodontic guidance can include a number of appliances such as:

If the pre-orthodontic guidance will include a custom-made appliance, the patient will have a series of appointments that include separators, fittings, and impressions before the actual insertion of the appliance. After the insertion of the appliance, the orthodontist will indicate how often the patient will need to be seen.

In most cases, appointments following the insertion of an appliance are observation appointments in which the orthodontist will make adjustments to the appliance and will check on progress.

Should the patient require an additional phase of treatment, the orthodontist will let the patient and parent know when to proceed to the next step.

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