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Foods and Other Items to Avoid with Braces

Hard Crunchy Foods, such as:

Soft Sticky Foods, such as:

Foods You Eat with Your Hands, such as:

A Note about Non-Food Items:

Please do not chew on pens or pencils.

At no time should you ever chew gum, not even the kind of gum that is advertised as not sticking to most dental work. All chewing gum sticks to braces, and all gum chewing will damage your braces and wires.

A Final Word

This list of foods does not include every type of hard, crunchy or sticky food that can be found (and it does not include every hard item that you could possibly chew on). You should use common sense and your good judgement. If you think that eating a particular food will cause damage to your braces and wires, then don't eat that food, or at least cut that food into small pieces.

Remember that you should never bite into anything (like apples or corn on the cob or sub sandwiches). You should always cut your food into small pieces before eating.

If you are careful and don't break your braces and your wires, your treatment will go faster and be more pleasant for you. Orthodontic treatment only lasts a short time, so make the best of it!

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