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About Your Essix Retainer

Your Essix retainers are made of a special clear plastic material that is strong and flexible. They are designed to hold your teeth in their proper positions, but they only work if they are worn faithfully, so please follow these instructions.

The Do's

Do wear your retainers four (4) hours during the day and while you sleep, unless otherwise instructed by your orthodontist.

Do keep your retainers stored in a cup of room temperature water when they are not in your mouth. If you are away from home, your retainers should be stored in your retainer case.

Do clean your retainers every day with a toothbrush and water (or a denture cleaner).

Do call the office if your retainers do not fit snugly on your teeth. If the retainer(s) feel unusually loose or tends to fall out easily then call our office right away to have the retainer checked and/or replaced. A loose retainer may cause choking or may accidently be swallowed.

The Don'ts

Don't clean your Essix retainers with toothpaste; they will become cloudy and won't look as nice as when you received them.

Don't, under any circumstances, put your Essix retainer into hot or boiling water; the plastic will melt and the retainer will no longer fit your teeth properly.

Don't leave your Essix retainers exposed to the sun, such as on the dashboard of a car or in a window; any excess heat will melt the retainers and change their shape.

If the retainer does not fit properly due to improper handling, it will have to be remade, at extra cost to you.

Lost or Broken Retainer

Should you lose or break one of your retainers, please call the office at 978-252-2526. We will schedule an appointment with the orthodontist. Broken retainers may require a repair rather than a total replacement.

There is a charge for replacement retainers.

If you do require a replacement retainer, we will need to schedule two appointments, each equally important. The first appointment will be to take an impression of your teeth so that we may fabricate a new retainer. The second appointment is to fit the retainer. As with your first retainer(s), the replacement retainer(s) need to be fitted to the teeth by the orthodontist.

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